Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Plie and Releve!

Double Time! Our top 6 couples are doing two dances tonite....let's get it!

Melissa and Ade: Disco
Whooooooooooo!!! That was supertastical!!! That was an amazing disco routine! I mean, they killed it with all the lifts but that lift with Melissa doin the full split over Ade's head was SICK!!!! That was enough for me. And Ade was tryna tear that up! He was pumpin it...shake your booty down to the ground Ade! Melissa kept up and worked it out. LOVE IT!

Side note....hated Ade's costume. I thought that purple plastic mess was gonna rip off him.

Dance 2: Waltz
Ummm, when Ade dances he makes me want to feel like a natural woman. These two can do no wrong. I thought that waltz was fantastic. They make dancing just look effortless and beautiful. I love that Ade got a lil solo with his spins and stuff but Melissa really makes me believe her.

Side note...did Mary tell Nigel to "pipe down English muffin"? She's such a mess.

Kayla and Kupono: Contemporary
Well when it's a Mia Michaels piece what else do you say but beautiful. I think that Kupono was the star of this piece. He took that dance to heart. This routine was about addiction and Kupono felt it. Kayla executed wonderfully too but I'm givin this all to Kupono...and Mia of course.

Dance 2: Broadway
I couldn't tell that they were in love and I didn't see any character. They did what they were supposed to do but there wasn't anything excellent about that. Good, not great. I expected a whole lot more from them.

Caitlin and Jason: Fox Trot
That was good but it wasn't great. I wasn't bedazzled. Caitlin was definitely the better of the two and together they were obviously tryna work it out

Dance 2: Lyrical Jazz
Thank goodness they had two dances tonight! That was great! That is what I call dancing. They looked great, they executed wonderfully, and they were in synch the whole time. I loved the choreography and I think on a technical level they did a great job.

Jeanine and Phillip: Russian Folkdance
Mkay. They tried. They tried really, really hard. I believed they were Russian Folkdancin. However...I felt like I was on the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney World. I don't think it was their fault that the dance was kind of wompy. They both did really well with what they were given.

Dance 2: Jive
Who knew the Jive could be sexy? I liked that uh-lot!! They danced that extremely well. When I heard they got the Jive I was like aw hell, can they get a break?! I mean Russian Folkdancin and now the Jive! But they pulled it out and handled their bizz and....I get the feelin these two like each other for real, for real. Jeanine was tryna give it to him with her tittie shimmies and boot shakes....she smashed it.

Randi and Evan: Hip-Hop
Nope. Didn't like it. Hip-Hop really isn't for er'body. Honestly, they looked like white people tryna dance. Yes, they had all the steps down but it just didn't look good. When these dancers dance, they usually make it look effortless...this looks like they were tryin real hard to get it right. I think Tab and Nap did a great job with the choreography and the pregnancy story they were telling but um, yeah no.

Dance 2: Samba
OMG Pasha!!!!! Mmmmmmm Pasha. Yum. Mkay, focus. Randi and Evan. Maybe it's cuz they're short but that wasn't sexy or hot at all. Can you imagine if Brandon and Janette or Ade and Melissa did that routine? I mean, they tried and as per usual, did er'thing they were supposed to do but um, yeah no.

Janette and Brandon: Argentine Tango
Tell me these two are not insane, off the chain, reeee-diculous!!! Seriously. Tell me they aren't the shizz!!! Sex-ay!!! Just hot!!! Just toooo damn hot!!!! They killed that. Nothing else to say.

Side note...have I mentioned that I LOVE Brandon? LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dance 2: Jazz
I have no more words for these two. I'm done. They are as hot as it gets. These two just dance and do it better than everyone else. I'm just sad that they are no longer going to be partners. I think I said a few weeks ago that Ade and Melissa were my favorite them but, no. It is ALL about Brandon and Janette.

Side note...have I mentioned that I LOVE Brandon? LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So who is goin home? Not Brandon, not Janette, not Ade, and not'body else is up to get a two fingas. I do hope that Phillip and Jeanine get a pass tho...I like them too.

We'll see tomorrow....