Saturday, July 25, 2009

Speakin of Weddings...

We're learnin why men, Black men especially, would rather be at a wedding lookin for some sad desperate bridesmaid wishin it were her gettin married to fuck, than to ever be the groom.

Kelis got what she wanted. Nas has been ordered to pay $40K+ a month in spousal and child support for their new baby Knight Jones. He also had to pay Kelis' legal fees. On a personal note, if I were in Kelis' position I would prolly be thinking I should have got more, but as an outsider lookin all up in their business who has no idea what really happened between the two of them, I think Kelis prolly got way more than she deserves or needs.

It looks like the married men are the ones who take the major hits when it comes to the monthly pay outs. Russell Simmons pays Kimora $40K a month for two daughters and makes WAY more than Nas does. While Diddy has 3 kids and only pays Kim $20K a month and 50 Cent only pays about $7K a month. This could be another reason why dudes don't be tryna get married...if shiz don't work out they spend 18 years payin out their ass.

Redman and Method Man spoke on it:

“…as far as speaking on men and women in general. 50 grand a month for some p*ssy is some bullsh*t. Ladies for real all you did was f*ck your man. that money right there. A kid doesn’t need that much to survive. You trying to maintain your life style. That’s f*cked up. I want to see the shoe on the other foot.”

“If we don’t nip this sh*t in the bud right now and have the court system to see sh*t for what it actually is. If you ask me the court system is geared more towards the women than the men”

“What the kids don’t understand is the air they breathing. The lights. The cable. The Mortgage. All that fall on Daddy’s shoulders. Not to mention he has to pay this stanking azz b*tch that he don’t even f*ck with anymore to look good for some other n*gga. This sh*t is crazy to me and any chick that does that sh*t is foul.”

While I understand where Meth is coming from I really need him to know that the court system is not geared more towards women BUT if it is, that is the way it should be. All does not fall on DADDY'S shoulders. How many fuckin men don't even see their kids. How many men don't do shit for their kids? How many fuckin men DON'T pay their child support? How many men spread their seed all over the place and don't take care of not one of their kids or help their kids mothers out in any way? And YOU should be payin her to look good for some other dude cuz YOU are prolly the reason ya'll not together anymore anyway...while she was tryna look good for you and take care of your kids you was off fuckin some other chic. So she needs to find her somebody else that is willing to take her and YOUR kids.

It's all a mess. I can't. This is why we all need to be scraped out.