Thursday, July 23, 2009

TV Will Eventually Be My Only Wendy Williams Fix

Da hell am I going to do from 2 - 6 pm er'day????!!! Sigh...I knew this day was coming, especially after all the drama with Nicole, Charlamagne, all her suspensions and then of course her new and here to stay talk show...but I was hoping that Wendy Williams would literally remain the Queen of all Media and stay on radio and TV. However, an era is coming to an end. The Wendy Williams Experience broadcast from WBLS is will introduce Wendy for the last time on July 31st. I feel pricklin' in my ice box.

I've been listening to Wendy as long as I've been listening to radio. Back in the day when EVERYBODY hated her but listened to her EVERYDAY, when she was fat and her weaves were a mess, she was a coke head, and she told us who all the gay rappers were. Then her life was being threatened on a regular basis and she had that fight with Angie Martinez at Hot 97 and well, the execs over there were Team Angie. Angie became the voice of Hot 97 and best friends with all the rappers. Angie don't gossip, she kisses ass. Er'body thought Wendy was done. But she wasn't...

She made her way onto a Philly station, made that number one right quick. Started her own family, husband and son, then came back to NYC and took over one more gin. Her radio show is a mess and three quarters. Example, this ridiculous 42 year old bitch called in to advice hour because she is pregnant with her sister's husband baby. She said she baby-sits for her (younger) sister and one night the husband got some ice cream while they were sitting on the couch and he spilled it on her neck. He then said he would clean it up and started lickin her neck and the two dumb fucks started fuckin. Wendy of course tried to tell her what a dumb donkey whore she is and she's going to destroy her family. This bitch gets mad at Wendy and hangs up on her. And this is the kind of pearl clutchin, mouf wide open, ree-diculously entertanin mess that goes on er'day....I really don't know what I'm gonna do. Her television show gets better and better everyday but an hour on TV is not the same as four hours of personal time that I feel I get with Wendy er'day.

Since she confirmed her departure she said: "she was “blessed to have a broadcast home” on New York radio, adding: “My hope is that you will do your best to find me on your remote so I can continue to entertain and inform you each and every day.” Which basically means that as much as Wendy Williams loves radio, she's over it and ready to take over America via your boob tube...and she's going to.

Deon Levingston, the vice president and general manager of WBLS said in a statement: “We are saddened to lose one of our most popular personalities. But we understand what it requires to put a live show on television each and every day and wish Wendy all the best in this new venture.” That basically means they only kept her on cuz she is the only reason anybody even listens to WBLS (well since they got Steve Harvey he's helped a lil too) and her ratings are the reason they make the money they do BUT they are tired of her drama and having to suspend her cuz she let her husband come on the show and say shizz or she said something inappropriate about someone who has an expensive law team, or she kicked somebody off her show cuz they were boring and not participating in the Experience. But what is WBLS gonna do now?

Lately, when Wendy's been gone her replacement has been April Woodard from Inside Edition. I hate her. She's boring and has no idea what's goin on. Some people can't do ALL media, especially radio. She needs to stay right where she is. She's a total WOMP WOMP and I swear if they give her Wendy's slot I will never listen to WBLS again...or at least not when she's on. I might even walk to the offices on Park Avenue and raise a five finger salute from the back side to whoever is responsible for the bullshit that is April Woodard.

Thank you Wendy Williams!!!! You've made me laugh, pissed me off, got me excited, have me gossipin and using words that have no meaning. You have totally zsugshed my life!!! And who knows, maybe I'll be followin in your ginormous size 11 need to have shoes made cuz you can't find none in the store foot steps.

How you doin? Awwwwwriiiiiiggggghhhhhtttttt!!!



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