Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Um, There's A Car On The Bed

So you know how you go to sleep at night and you are having that good sleep, dreamin about being Oprah's dog sitter, lettin her hair stylist do your hair, and eating caramel and chocolate pudding all day? Well this couple, two University of Nevada students, were having that good sleep only to be awakened by a car that crashed through their house and landed on top of them in their bed. Literally, the car crashed through their house and landed on top of them. Da wuh????

Seems this drunkard dumb ass thought the house was his ex-girlfriends house that she shares with her new boyfriend. The goal was to land on their bed. His bad.

The best part of this story is that, while the two were pinned to the bed with the weight of THE CAR on top of them, they not only survived but managed to not have any serious injury. Amazing.



Miss P said...

man, that is fucking crazy! he intentionally drove that car into that house. oh wee! thank God the couple wasnt hurt too bad