Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: The Competition Begins

So the show starts and I have to say, you know when each dancer is introduced and they do their 3 second solo? I giggled when Bianca started tappin...it was crazy to hear the tippity tap of tap shoes during the intros. But anyway, I was excited. Then we learn that Billy (aka Proactiv) got sick and is out of the competition (sad) and then Noelle done broke her leg...she prolly gotta go too. But such is life. Let the show begin!!

Channing and Phillip
Um, I was bored. Um, is this really how the show is startin? Phillip is a great tap dancer...it may not translate as well with other styles. And he and Channing didn't mesh all that well for me. And hasn't there been a dancin to 'Rockin Robin' on the show before? I dunno, might just be me but I feel like I've seen this before. Next.

Ashleigh and Jakob
Jakob is SICK!!!! I loved it!!! And not cuz of Ashleigh. She is a prop. She didn't have shit to do with it. Jakob could have done this by himself. Jakob is out of control. He is so amazing and his dancing....I had to rewind a few times just to make sure I caught his moves. In one leap his head touched the back of his toe. I love any dancer that fully displays their power, their ability, and makes you ask how did you do that?? Jakob does that. Dope.

Ariana and Peter
Hip-Hop. Tabitha and Napoleon make it do wit it do. It was cool choreography. They started off great but then it got wompy. They have to spend some more time workin with each other and learning each other's styles. Peter offered way more and hit his marks way better than Ariana did. I dunno....

Noelle and Russell
Sooooo, Noelle broke her leg. They are doin the fox trot. Melanie the choreographer fills in. At first I was like, oh no, this is gonna be hard to watch, but Russell worked it out! He's a krumper doin the fox trot and then dancin with a red headed old lady. He was high kickin and showin his lines and givin us a show. You go Russell!

Bianca and Victor
A wonderful contemporary piece. I enjoyed that thoroughly! Travis Wall is a fantabulous choreographer. I thought that Bianca did really well. Yes her tappin puts her at a disadvantage but she proved herself. She has stuff to work on, but go Bianca! Victor was excellent and in his element. I felt the performance and I felt the connection. Bianca is gonna have to come better to stay in the competition but overall, gold star!

Karen and Kevin
Do the Cha-Cha! They made Kevin take his braids out, cuz I guess you can't Cha-Cha wit braids. But I love his hair!! All he needs is a top lip. But I digress...ummmm me no likey. No more Cha-Cha to Salt-N-Pepa. Cha-Cha to "Push It" is a no-no. Karen was workin it out cuz this is what she does. Kevin tried real hard and that was obvious but it just didn't work. And again, the music. Just no.

Ellenore and Ryan
A Sonya contemporary. I liked it uh-lot! Ellenore said it might be the best SYTYCD has ever seen. No, boo. BUT that was awesome! Ryan and Ellenore work together really well and they played those characters. I think they were birds or something. Whatever they were, they were on their marks, tickin, expressing, and showing us their technique. And did I mention that Ellenore is hot? Kinda love her.

Pauline and Brandon
Mkay, so Brandon is Billy's (Proactiv)replacement. I didn't really watch the auditions but it seems that people who did watch didn't even remember who he was at all. I'll say this, they looked nice together. They had some good moves during their Smooth Waltz but um....not so much. Props to Brandon for makin it do wut it do in a day and a half, but still. Maybe next week?

Kathryn and Legacy
Hip-Hop!!! How could this not be dope with Legacy in it? I'm surprised by Kathryn...they worked that out!! That was hot! Dave Scott, who you either love sometimes or not so much, brought out da goodness. I like the concept. They were like cave man and cave woman and they stayed in character while poppin, lockin, and workin it out. Great choreography and dope execution. One more time for Dave Scott! (We played a drinkin game...if you hear the name Dave Scott one more time take a swig!)

Mollee and Nathan
I love Nathan. He's so adorable. But I've said that before. I'm gonna try not to be biased based on my baby craush on the cuteness that is Nathan. So Disco. Mkay, now I don't know if ya'll memba, but last season one of the best routines ever was Brandon and Janette's Disco choreographed by Doriana. So how can she top that? She didn't. There was major moves and high level of difficulties but...I think I'm biased when it comes to toppin that Disco by Brandon and Janette and unless you can do that, I'm not wit it. But Nathan is cute and they both have talent so I'm pumped for them and I think they did really well. I also think that Doriana does a damn good job with her Disco routines. If anybody is the hottness, it's Doriana.

Mkay, so that's our last couple and for the first time, we learn who is going home right now. Tonight. Who is it?! My vote is for Phillip and Ashleigh. Scuse me while I take a drink while we wait.



They did not say Russell! Pauline, Brandon, Ariana and Russell are dancin for their lives.

Scuse me while I take another drink while I wait.

Bye Ariana. For no reason. Not happy. I knew it. They are pickin the black people off already. Just damn!

Bye Brandon. Nice not knowin you. They said something about breakin rules to let him back next season.

Whatever. I think somebody knew that I was gonna break something if Russell got cut.

Good Night. Until next week!


Miss P said...

girl, you are a trip. love the recaps!

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