Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beyonce: Video Phone

Seriously, I can't wit Yonce. Her sickness is just ree-fuckin-diculous. She just shuts bitches down constantly...and it almost seems effortless. I might have been Yonce from Video Phone for Halloween had she done this shiz sooner. Side note, coulda done without the Ga Ga. I prefer that she stays in her lane with bird cages on her face. But back to Yonce, bitch is deelicious. You.betta.Work.


Aaron said...

Now u know I loves me sum Beyonce, but for me the best part of this video is finally seeing LGG's face. And to she that she actually keeps up with B in the dancing dept. The video itself is of course waaaaay over the top, but what else do we expect from B. Ain't it time for her to go on vacation anyway??

Tarneka said...

I totally agree, Aaron. i almost didn't recognize LGG without the blood and bird cage. Loved it!

emeritus said...

the fact that bey made LGG look normal and showed that the woman can actual look normal should be rewarded by a vid appearance. bey was just tryna help the girl out. :-)