Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Childhood Memories

So we get to take a look at the childhood pics of the judges and blah blah blah...I must say, Mary Murphy was actually a cute little girl with normal sized teeth. Surprising.

OK now on to the show!

Ashleigh and Jakob

So Ashleigh's most memorable performance as a child was a ballroom competition she performed when she was 14 years old because it was her last dance for six years cuz her illness overtook her body and she couldn't dance anymore. But she fought to come back and well, now she's on SYTYCD. Leaps and Bounds aka Jakob was a fat kid and started dancing and lost weight while dancing so he kept it going. I'm glad he did.

These two do a Tab and Nap Hip-Hop routine. Ashleigh doin hip-hop...really? Well, Leaps and Bounds out danced her as per usual BUT Ashleigh actually made it do wut it do! I'm shocked and RuPauled on this one. First of all, Tab and Nap came up with a HOT routine. Love the text message that starts off the dance. Great choreography that told the story. And of course, Jakob killed it.

And Nigel boo, I'm not eatin my words. Ashleigh is still riding Jakob's coat tails...she just finally danced tonight. Adam Shankman, please don't lose your mind on this one. Seriously, Adam? Ashleigh in the top ten NOT because of Jakob? Stop it. For the first damn time, da bitch danced. Relax.

Karen and Kevin

So Karen grew up in Venezuela and had some really bad hair cuts. But she grew up to be cute and learned how to dance by watching. Kevin was the oldest of six kids. He started dancing when he was 17 and was a late bloomer. He's pretty talented to be as great as he is for starting so late.

Anyhoo....they perform a Broadway number. Spencer, new choreographer, did a great job with the Broadway choreography. The problem here is that they were so focused on the routine that they didn't add the Broadway. They didn't add the characters and they didn't quite even kill the routine from the technical aspect. Yes, they hit all their marks and did what they were supposed to do, but it looked like it required lots of effort. Not horrible, but not really good.

Noelle and Russell

Russ was sangin This Lil Light of Mine as a child. He was 8 years old doin the Michael Jackson. He was actually a cute kid. Noelle broke her toofus as a child and now has a fake half tooth. She just remembers not being such a great dancer. I guess she's come a long way.

So they get the Foxtrot...again. The first time, Noelle broke her leg and Russ had to dance it with Melanie the big sexy red head. This time they get to dance it together and...I truly enjoyed them!!! These two were not on my radar at all but all of a sudden they are workin it! They made this Foxtrot fun, sexy, and entertaining. They had great lines and from a technical point of view, I think they did a SUPER job. Russell's confidence is through the roof and it shows. And Noelle looked pretty too. Excellent!

Channing and Victor

Channing did a dance as a cat when she was six and loved it. Victor was that brat kid that would get lost in the stores and mother would run around looking for him screaming "Victor!" (but he did it in the funny Latin voice.)

OK, I forget about these two every week. I think these two get really fortunate with their routines but this is the first time that I enjoyed them. They got a Tyce Diorio Jazz routine and Tyce picked great music and a told a fantastic story. They were black birds dancing in a cage. I loved the cage and how they used it to tell the story throughout the routine. I really liked this dance, I liked them dancing, and I had fun with watching that. Very cute, very fun, and executed very well. Good job!

Kathryn and Legacy

Kathryn was a shy girl who did her very first dance with her mom. Legacy was a rebel. He did what he wanted to do and his first performance was at a house party and his father gave him $5 to dance. He's been poppin and lockin ever since.

Kathryn and Legacy do a serious Pasa Doble. Ummm, I felt that. That shit was hot. And really Legacy...I was distracted by that body situation. Daayum. Anyway, I don't really know what else to say except they killed that. With the exception of Kathryn not being able to grab her ankles fast enough while Legacy picked her up and wrapped him around her at the end, everything else was executed perfectly. That was some sexy dancing right there. Check.

Mkay and this is why you don't watch TV Live. But we take a break to see what Dizzy Feet Foundation is doing. They have so far been able to give nine scholarships to dancers who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend dance school. They are having a gala to raise more money. Nice. Very nice.

Ellenore and Ryan

Ellenore was a lil sassy thing and during her first routine did everything but the routine. She's so cute. Ryan comes from a line of professional ballroom dancers and his first dance was wearing some bunny ears and bunny tail hoppin around the stage. Heehee.

Ryan and Ellenore do a Contemporary by Travis Wall. So everything Travis has put together on SYTYCD has been beyond beautiforous and emotional and simply artistically fantastic. And well, this time was no different. I absolutely believed that these two were former lovers who bumped into each other and had to re-live the drama. That was beautiful. Ryan and Ellenore were beautiful and it was effortless and technically just great. I felt that, I enjoyed that piece, and was transported to their story. Loved it.

And again, Adam shut up. Ryan might make it to the top ten but it won't be with his wife and if it is, it will be cuz of Leaps and Bounds! Geez!

Mollee and Nathan

Nathan was a brat. When he was ten, he choreographed his own dance. And started from there. Mollee was a diva who was all about curls, make-up and being grown. Now that she is older she acts like a lil kid. Mkay, great.

So these two get a pop jazz routine, choreographed by none other than Boom Boom Kat aka Laurie Ann Gibson who is now rockin an almost Cassie wit only one third of one half of her hair shaved. Anyway, that was fun to watch and waaaay better than what they did last week. But I will say that that wasn't all that great. Did not give me goose bumps. However, I will say that I think Nathan gave more this week and attempted to show us how great he really is. Mollee is just aight to me.

So tonight we finally see what these dancers can do! Finally some real choreography and real dancing! I know for sure Kevin and Karen will be dancin for their lives and will prolly end up goin home. I think Nathan and Mollee, who should have been in the bottom last week, might be in the bottom this week but you know, they are young and Nathan is soooo cute and Mollee still got that deaf vote, so one never knows.

Guess we'll find out tomorrow!


Tarneka said...

You can not watch this shit live! I fast forward past all the "when I was a kid" BS. I was done in a hour. Is it me or the music selection this year a little off?

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