Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seriously, Why Do We Even Have Relationships?

If it's simply for the sake of procreation, this world has been going to shit and only continues to sink to the depths of hell, so we can stop. The fighting and the cheating and the treating each other like hot pieces of shit is no longer necessary. How bout we just stop. It's OK. Really.

Chris Henry, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, is in beyond serious condition and fighting for his life after fighting with his fiancee and jumping on her pickup truck as she tried to drive away. He ended up falling out of the bed of her pickup truck. Ummmmm, seriously, why is it ever that serious? You got Tiger running away and smashing up fire hydrants and now you got Chris Henry jumping on the back of pick-up trucks. Just let a motherfluffer run people! If they are trying to escape and drive away, let them! Just Daauym.

Pray for Chris ya'll.


UPDATE: He died. 26 years old. Sad. Sigh....