Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Holy Shizz

I'm speechless. Wow. America voted for the Black Krumper wit dreds. Leaps and Bounds didn't win. The leapin, spinnin, boundin, splittin Jakob didn't win. I have no words because this is the biggest shock of a win in the history of SYTYCD. Russell danced his ass off this entire season, he wasn't my favorite, but I'm happy for him. When I think about it, Russell had the most to learn of all the dancers and managed to excel at every style of dancing. Leaps and Bounds didn't kill a Hip-Hop like Russell managed to smash a Contemporary or Jazz or even a Fox Trot. Russell deserved this win. Yay Russell! I never even thought about Russell winning. Russell. Wow.


Ellenore should have been 3rd runner up but I'm happy she beat Ryan and Ashleigh and I can still watch SYTYCD.

When will someone put Jennifer Lopez back On the 6 and send her away forever never to return?

Mary J. Blige 2009 looked way better than her imitation thru the years Marys.

OH and I totally forgot to mention that Leona Lewis sounded horrible. That song is horrible. All of it...Horrible.