Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10

Tonight begins the random couples, we're finally voting for individuals, and the judges no longer decide who goes home! Let's get it!

Noelle and Ryan

Tab and Nap give these two a Hip Hop routine that had an office co-worker theme that was kinda sexy and entertaining but it wasn't the best way to start off the show. I think it was great choreography by Tab and Nap as per usual, and yeah Noelle and Ryan hit the marks and did all the moves with some power behind it, I still wasn't as into it as I could have or should have been. Neither one of them do Hip-Hop like it should be done.

Act two Noelle and Ryan get a Smooth Waltz and I was happy cuz finally Ryan gets a style of dance he is actually skilled in. I felt like I was watching a Disney cartoon with the prince and.....OMG did Nigel just take the friggin words right out of my head as I typed this shit?! Holy shiz. Anyway, it was nice and glad Ryan got to do his dance but I wasn't wowed and I think Ryan might could be goin home.

Ashleigh and Legacy

Ashleigh can no longer hide behind Leaps and Bounds and was partnered with Legacy and performed a Contemporary piece and I have to say Ashleigh tryna act like she has something to prove. That dance was angry and riveting and required serious technique...and they did it. Very exciting routine and seriously, the ending with Legacy straight up on his head was crazy. Hot.

Mkay. I did not like that at all. That shiz was a mess. For their second dance Ashleigh and Legacy get Hip-Hop and of course you automatically assume this is gonna be OFF THE CHAIN cuz it's Legacy and it's Hip-Hop. I can't even blame it on Ashleigh. This was totally the choreography and the crappy ass vampire costumes. WTF?!!! Womp Womp.

Kathryn and Nathan

Kathryn and Nathan start with a Broadway routine that was really good. It was very 50's and they were both in character and clearly found their stride. Great choreography and nice to see Nathan dancing with someone else who may have helped him bring out his style and real skill. Very nice.

This time Kat and Nate get a Rumba...and that was a sexy Rumba. I wish Nathan didn't look 12 years old because it looks like Kathryn is molesting a little boy, but even still, they worked that. Even more so, Kathryn was dancing her ass off and I felt that. Great choreography. I liked that.

Ellenore and Jakob

OMG I got real giddy when Cat announced that my two faves were partnered up! Ellenore and Leaps and Bounds (Jakob) do the Quick Step and these two are champions indeed. I think that was the best Quick Step ever on SYTYCD - and maybe I might be biased cuz I love them both so much. I really don't like this style of dance and have nothing to say about style or technique, I just know they look great and it was obvious they were workin it out. Yay! (Um Adam Shankman got excited about them being together like I did...get out my head Adam!)

OMG a Sonya Contemporary. Ellenore and Jakob. Need I friggin say more???!!! THAT WAS HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that these two can keep up with each other and make dance FANTASTICALLY AMAZING AND REE-DICULOUS!!! THESE TWO ARE SICK!!!!!!! And then not just the technique but the characters and the theme was all in the dance. It was so artsy and creative and just fuckin off the chain. I smiled the entire time I watched that. That was the best. Simply the best. I don't need to watch anymore. I'm done.

Mollee and Russell

Russ and Mollee start with a Lyrical Jazz routine and I'm just amazed at how doofy Mollee and Nathan made each other. The routine was a Mandy Moore, so of course it was spectacular (she's this seasons Mia Michaels) but seriously, Mollee danced the best she's ever danced on this damn show and Russell, he is friggin amazing. The technique and skill required to complete that dance was fantastic. Russell made Mollee better. I'm so excited for his future. That was beautiful. Loved it.

We end the show with Russ and Mollee doing a Jive and it was choreographed by Anya and Pasha. I was scared for them, especially after Ellenore and Jakob shut it down for everybody but that was a fun dance and VERY well executed! I shook my head and tapped a toe to that. I think I like these two as a couple. That was a great Jive. Enjoyed that uh-lot!

Wow people, great show! Gotta go vote. Ellenore and Leaps and Bounds aka Jakob!!!! Legacy is gettin my vote cuz his solo was the dopest.

I don't know what girl is danger, maybe Noelle or Kathryn (they are like one in the same so it won't really matter) but I know we'll be saying bye to Ryan or Nathan.

We'll see tomorrow!


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