Monday, September 15, 2008

F.U. Please Speak On It

Miss P asked me to speak on Baba Wawa's silly ass remark on 'The View' the other day. John McCain is the guest and he is basically talking about how he wants to run this country based on the Constitution that was written by this country's forefathers. Whoopi, is like now wait a minute...some things in the constitution had to be changed. I mean, should I be worried that I'm going to have to be a slave again? And then BaBa Wawa says, "Don't worry Whoopi and Sherri, us white folk will take care of you".....

So Miss P wants to know what I think about Baba Wawa and in truth, Miss P, while Baba Wawa is a fuckin idiot, I think we should be more upset that John McCain could possibly be running this country in the next 7 weeks. I don't think Baba meant what she said, altho you can't help but know that bitch believes that she is indeed in the superior race. In her mind, when she said that she was just thinkin that she would be sure to add a lil extra grissel to their supper plates. So do I think Baba Wawa is a jackass? Yes, indeed. Am I more concerned with Mccain and Palin? Yes, the hell I am. This man sat on that couch and said that he plans to run this country like it is 1820. He is going to follow the Bush format and dare I say, maybe even make shit worse. People are willing to vote for this old fucker and his silly bitch just so they don't have to vote for a black man. And I bet my bottom fuckin dollar that if John McCain had the ability to reinstate slavery, he damn sure would.

Oh and if this just pisses you off....simma down and get a giggle out of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.


Miss P said...

actually, i am terrified McCain's crusty ass is going to get voted in, but i was too disgusted for words, and i knew you would know exactly what to say. i still wanna punch BW in her mouth for that stupid ass comment