Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good News....If You Can Call It That

So last night I heard all about Travis Barker and DJ AM being in a plane crash, with four people dying, and both Travis and AM fighting for their lives after being severely burned. I was really hoping it wasn't true and it was some random story like Paris Hilton's dogs being eaten by coyotes. However, it was true and I was sad. I don't know too much about DJ AM except that he used to date Nicole Richie and Mandy Moore and he used to be obese but got gastric and has kept the weight off for years. I do know I love me some Travis Barker. He's hot to def on those drums, he's a cutie, and his babies Landon and Alabama are adorable and can't be without their daddy.

So while it is horrible that four people - the pilot, co-pilot, a bodyguard and Travis' assistant (who was trying to make it to the birth of his baby) perished in the crash, Travis and AM are going to make a full recovery. It clearly wasn't their time to go.

During a press conference, Dr. Fred Mullins of the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors' Hospital in Augusta said, "Barker was burned on his torso and lower body, while DJ AM, was burned on his arms and a portion of his head. The doctor described both as remaining in critical but stable condition and in the intensive-care unit of the hospital. Since both Barker and Goldstein are in overall good health and didn't suffer from any other crash-related complications, a full recovery is expected."

So they are alive, they are going to recover, and sometimes joy really does come in the mornin. However you can get it, you take it.



Miss P said...

am i the only one who looks at all those tats on Travis Barker thinks of how much time and money he wasted? his abdomen and lower body were badly burned, that includes those tats. i'm glad he made it, but damn, i cant get that thought out of my head