Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now Ne-Yo....

Ne-Yo feels under-appreciated.

"I honestly don't feel that it's my music that's under-appreciated. I think that it's me that's under-appreciated. As an artist, period. 'Cause I look at it like — OK, two multiplatinum albums. Yeah. Grammy. Two years in the game. I won my first Grammy off my second album, right? Multiple, multiple No. 1s for myself and for other people. However, (I've) never seen the cover of Vibe magazine. Never seen the cover of People magazine. Never seen the cover of, you know, Rolling Stone magazine. And won't. 'Cause these people feel that for whatever reason, because I'm a fully functional adult and not a heroin addict, that I won't sell magazines."

Sigh....Ne-Yo. No one wants to see you on the cover of a magazine. Be happy you get a layout in the inside of a magazine. Seriously. If being in the industry has taught you nothing, it should have taught you that talent doesn't matter. Yes, you write great songs. Yes, your first album was great - your second album was a womp womp - but your new album sounds like it might be aight. Yes you've won grammys etc. BUT here is where you need to just be happy you are who you are and have accomplished what you have accomplished and that people still want to hear from you. Most fugly trapped in the closets don't get a chance for longevity in this game. You and T-Pain are still makin it do wut it do, and even as talented as you are, I can't believe it.

I mean if we really break it down, all your success has not tempted you to hit up your dentist and handle your spacial teefus situation (see bottom row). I'm guessin you can't do nothin about your big ass dome and your horribly receding hair line. Kinda like how Timbaland can lose all the weight in the world but will still have a sausage pack in the back of his head. Like some shit just is what it is. And besides your looks, let's keep in mind that you aren't a great entertainer. You ain't Michael, you ain't Usher, you ain't Chris ain't even Bobby Brown. Like you aight but I personally would prefer to see someone else sing your songs and dance around on stage. I believe some people do way better in the studio. That would be you.

To that end, Ne-Yo people clearly love you and APPRECIATE your talent. If you know you're dope, why do you need a magazine cover to validate that?

Read the whole interview. Click: Only Bottoms Bitch.

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Anonymous said...
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iluv.. said...

Dude, you are on time out. I am going to have to read your blogs towards the end of the day because F.U and the morning is a bad mix for me while at work.

F.U. said...
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F.U. said...

How I love thee, iluv! I stay on time out. It's fine. Most people can't deal with me no time of the day. However, I like to believe that F.U. in da mornin is perfect. Getchu a bagel w/ mad cream cheese, some OJ or coffee, sit down at your desk, go to YISIAW, get your F.U. fix and then tell anybody who asks you anything that you can't, Just Why?, and in the name of lil Mama why are you so fug???

Sounds like the best day ever to me :)

Anonymous said...

a true player hater