Wednesday, September 17, 2008

R. Kelly Talks Ish

R. Kelly gave his first post-not guilty verdict interview to BET. Mkay. The most postive thing I can say is he has a nice hair cut. What I really want to know is Toure, the journalist who interviewed him, really listening? It looked like he was just blinkin and noddin and waitin to ask his next question. I prolly wouldn't have been listenin either cuz R. Kelly is talkin some bullshit.

He says that the people who don't work for him - people who were fired - are the ones who say that he likes underage girls. The ones who work for him don't say that. Ummmmmmmmmmmm, if you are on the payroll you are gonna say what ever you need to say to keep your job. Duh. And why come so many people say the same thing Kelly? And Toure points out that his brother said some ish and R. Kelly says that he too was fired. So it sounds to me like people get fired when they decide to tell the truth.

Anyhooo, I think Toure could have come at this interview so much better and asked way better questions. This is definitely NOT a must see, but if you ain't got shit else to do....


Dee said...

...ummm, so Funkmaster Flex is REAL mad about this whole thing, HA!

F.U. said...

WOW! Funk Flex is indeed mad and you know what, he's right! R. Kelly is a scuzz bucket baby raper but really, this whole interview was bullshit and that is why nobody cares. But I'm glad Flex cares...somebody should let him know that he has a problem. Good for you Flex. Tell 'em why you mad son!