Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sister Act

So I'm watchin Project Runway right (sorry that you haven't gotten any re-caps, but this season bores me- Go Korto!) and I see a new L'oreal commercial, and I hear Solange's 'I Decided' playin and then I see Yonce and Solo too! I think it is great that the Knowles-eses keep the money in the family and Yonce is like, if you want me to do another commercial, you gotta put my sister in it. BUT, Solo is the one that stay tryna distance herself as her own artist and being different from Yonce etc. but she continues to prove otherwise. She needs to admit that she needs her sister to do pretty much a whole lotta everything. I mean, Solange wouldn't be sellin nobody's Feria if Yonce ain't do it first and work out some deal for them to add her sister. And didn't Solo just get an Armani deal? Which she got cuz Yonce does the Armani perfume.

I'm all for family. I'm also all for individuality which is why I was loving Solo, but if your music says one thing like, "Fuck the Industry" then you can't be showin up in your sister's L'oreal commercials. That is the industry boo.

I was only able to find one youtube video of the commercial and thanks to a Beyonce fanatic who taped the commercial off her TV, you can see what I'm talkin bout.


Carsi said...

that's exactly what I was thinking. Let's not forget that Kelly also hustles hair products that are owned by the Loreal company