Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TV-Nistas It's Time To Focus! Fall TV Is Here!

What are you watching??? My goodness, how is this summer over? What a great summer it was, wasn't it? Outside of my extra curricular activities, I made it thru the summer with Intervention, SYTYCD (of course!) a lil Olympics, and Family Guy re-runs. But now its time to get serious. Hibernation is among us and its time to get your mind right!


8:00 PM: The Amazing Race (premieres September 28)- hands down the best reality show on TV. The only reality show that I would ever want to participate in....well that and So You Think You Can Dance (of course!). (CBS)

9:00 PM: Desperate Housewives (premieres September 28) - so this season is five years into the future. We've been watching DH this long, you kinda have to see how it it all ends in the future, right? I think if nothing else, it is worth it to watch to figure out why Eva's hair cut has to be so wompy. (ABC)

10:00 PM: Entourage (already on) - you kinda still just have to watch just cuz. Vince is about to be bankrupt and needing to take bullshit jobs. Ari isn't doin his job. Like I need to know what da hell these guys are doin. If nothing else, it reminds you to make sure that your entourage includes people who are just as fly and as paid as you are. (HBO)

10:30 PM: True Blood (already on) - Anna Paquin. Vampires. Love it! (HBO)

On Tivo: Family Guy. Nuff said.


Monday is not a great TV night but lucky for you, it will prolly continue to be the night you should be listening to The F.U. Hour BUT if you need to watch TV, I guess here is what you can be watching.

8:00 PM - The Big Bang Theory (premiers September 22) - Da hell? Yes, I think this show is funny. It's about nerds and stuff. (CBS)

8:30 PM - How I Met Your Mother (premiers September 22) - Another funny lil show. Doogie Howser totally makes this show worth watchin. (CBS)


8:30 PM - Heroes (premiers September 22) - People who watch Heroes say its good. Couldn't tell you but if you watch, you can thank me for reminding you of the premier date. (NBC)

8:00 PM - Dancing With The Stars (premiers September 22)- Kim Kardasshian, Toni Braxton, and Susan Lucci are definitely reasons to watch....I think. I don't watch Dancing With The Stars but if you don't feel like watching nerds and heroes, this is what's left. (ABC)

10:00 PM - Boston Legal (premiers September 22) - YES! This show gets better each season. There is always way too much goin on between James Spader and William Shatner. These two are so great together. This show is definitely beyond entertaining. (ABC)

10:00 PM - The Hills (already started) - I think there are a few more episodes left. And I've been watchin of course and while there aren't any surprises, Audrina is still givin those eyes, and I hate Spencer. But you know, its a much watch. (MTV)


Ain't shit on. Tuesdays are for bitch night...sessions with chief, wine, yummy food, and love with your bestest bitches! Hey homielovafrenzs....why am I still tasting Pizza Dip????? YUM!


8:00 PM - America's Next Top Model (already on) - I'm over it but I'm still watchin. (CW)

9:00 PM - Private Practice (October 1)- sooooooooo ready for Private Practice! I've missed them! The writers strike made the season end early so I expect there to be tons of drama with Addison and the rest of the practice. Pumped! (ABC)

10:00 PM - Dirty Sexy Money (October 1)- I CAN'T WAIT! If you haven't been watching DSM then you must make it your bidness!!! These people are crazy! The Darlings are like The Hiltons but waaaay more fabulous and dare I say, more scandalous. And um, Blair Underwood. That should be enough. (ABC)


Thursday is always the best and worst day on TV. WHY? Cuz its everything all at once. Even Tivo can't keep up!

8:00 PM - Ugly Betty (September 25)- is Betty gonna be with Gio? I heard that Betty is gonna have yet another love interest. Funny how a frumpy bitch with blue braces can pull hot guys. Don't you love how so not real TV is? Then of course, there is Mark and Amanda. Memba Amanda's reality show with her dad Gene Simmons last season?? Fun-E. (ABC)


8:30 PM - Kath & Kim (October 9) - this is another import from the BBC. This show is about ridiculously trailer park trashy mother and daughter (Molly Shannon and Selma Blair) and their life. Just based off of pics I've seen of Selma's outfits on set, I think its at least worth it to schedule on the Tivo. (NBC)

9:00 PM - Grey's Anatomy (September 25) - this is just a no brainer. Um, its Grey's. Oh but wait....I had heard that a new black guy doctor is coming on the show. This is me squealing with giddy delight!!!! (ABC)


9:00 PM The Office (September 25) - how can you not love this show? And Jan is pregnant. Stop it. An office baby shower? I can't. (NBC)

9:30 PM - 30 Rock (October 30)- I just giggle watchin this show. For me, its all Alec Baldwin and Kenny the intern. (NBC)

At 10:00 you watch your Tivo: Survivor: Gabon and CSI (CBS).


8:30 PM - The Game (October 3) - are Melanie and Derwin gonna get it together and find the love again? I'm hoping! (CW)

What a week! I love TV! But now its time to get ready for the weekend!!!


Miss P said...

thursdays i am watching supernatural with mr. d. i love that damn show!

Anonymous said...

um hello GOSSIP GIRL????

F.U. said...

OMFG Anonymous....I don't watch Gossip Girl. But glad to someone is!