Friday, September 12, 2008


Sleep is overrated. This is what I continue to tell myself....altho I seem to be experiencin serious Narco episodes....and if a bitch don't get some sleep soon (which won't be happenin no time in the next 10 hours) I might pass out somewhere and wake up lookin like Wino looked last night when she went to DJ at some pub. AMY!!! WHY?????

And I'm sure you all heard that Kanye got locked up yesterday and if you didn't, long story short he got pissed a Papo was takin his picture and Ye smashed the shit out of his camera. Like for real smashed that bitch into baby pieces. Well no worries. He's out. I'm sure he'll have to pay some cash to the Papo for a new camera and for emotional distress for being attacked and for being out of work cuz he no longer had a camera to get his Pap on with. It's fine. In case you want to see how it all went down, take a looksy.

Anyway, you bitches have a fabulous weekend. I'll check-in if I manage to get my mind right and F.U. is called to speak on it. Otherwise....Luh u, bye.


Miss P said...

i personally cant stand kanye, so i wont say much 'cept this: that pap is lucky that's all kanye did. ya'll know he from da west side of chicago!

(vixenchick) said...

ew amy looks a hot damn mess!!