Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lookin Good Ohio!

One my bestest homies ever in the world is from Ohio, so if I neva meet another soul from Ohio, I know da O produced at least one good one. But umeruh, something in the crack ain't clean Ohio. I think I might need to recommend a large dose of steroids and donkey milk.

On Monday Oprah had a whole family from Richland County, Ohio addicted to heroin. Matter of fact, pretty much the whole damn county is addicted and they are strung out and homeless BUT they find a way to get enough money for gas so they can drive for an hour (both ways) into Columbus, OH to get their shit. Anyway, the mom, dad, and two teenage sons were all doped out. Er'body doped out except for the 13 month old baby.

Then there was a woman who is 5 months pregnant shootin up the he-ron. She don't have not nary a vein left and the track marks all over her body are just the worst.

You know one of my favorite shows ever is Intervention so I was all up in this show. I was like daaayum, what's really good Ohio?! And seriously, the doctor that Oprah had on was soooo not good. They needed Jeff Van Get Your Ass to Rehab.

THEN there is this lady....

WHY lady? JUST WHY???? Michele Allen of Middletown, Ohio was arrested because she decided to put on her cow suit, chase kids down the street and piss on her neighbors porch. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Awww, she just wants somebody to milk her.

Shortie, I think I might have to make a trip ta da O. It might be time for somebody to come in there and do some clean up. Pass around that donkey milk.


Tarneka said...

Ohio is "the Heart of it All", bitches! Obama even gave Ohio shout outs in his nomination speech for its love of guns in the inner city and rural areas. Ohioans love there drugs, sex and guns!

F.U. said...

They love to wear cow costumes, chase kids, and pee pee on their neighbors porches. Don't forget that, Tarneka! Whooooooooo Ohio!