Monday, November 24, 2008


What is there to say? She's the most. She's a diva. She's Sasha Fierce.


Miss P said...

no, no, no. FU, i dont care what you say, that one "hat" looks like something somebody afraid of being abducted by aliens would put together and wear! boo to you, sasha. just boo!

F.U. said...

Now Miss P, if you notice, I didn't say anything either supporting or denouncing Sasha Fierce's choice of eye wear or head gear - hence why I said, "What is there to say?"

But the real fact of the matter is, whether you like it or not, Sasha Fierce is killin it. She's steppin out of the boring box and takin what she's done before and what others have done before and she' pushin the envelop. And why not her? And if that means wearin a metal Burger King crown, or metal window treatments over your eyes, then you betta work Sasha!

Geoffrey said...

I'm tired of her ripping Gareth Pugh, the English l'enfant terrible!

Winter weave with summer dresses. Stop letting Tina do you dirty B!