Thursday, January 8, 2009

Derek Blanks Does It Again

Derek Blanks is just off da chain! How is it that he manages to make everybody and anybody look gorgeous?! He's proved himself to be one of the best in the photog game and he's done it again with this photo shoot of NeNe. She looks fab! Her styling and make-up are perfect for her (her clothes fit!) and how some lighting, special flash and an extra special camera can work miracles! I love it!



Geoffrey said...

Nene looks cute. She's really giving me Allison Williams, circa "Just Call My Name" and "Sleep Talk" days

Cocoa Chanel the PBG said...

Is Mr. Blank just handing out photo shoot time cus everybody and they cousin gettin negatives. When can I get mines? Maybe I need to be a Z list celebrity tho, hmpf!

He should have been all over the I am...Beyonce thing I think his eye would have been fabulous for her. Love his work but its time for him to get his proper mainstream shine I think.

F.U. said...

I'm waitin for my Derek Blanks shoot too Cocoa Chanel!

Simone Craig said...

Nene looks FABULOUS!