Monday, January 12, 2009

The Golden Globes: Fun Times

While I absolutely believe that Neil Patrick Harris was robbed, I was more than pleased with the Golden Globes last night. I actually enjoyed watching and was happy at many of the surprise wins and the fun moments like that of the short stand-up routine done by Ricky Gervais (he's so silly!). I think Kate Winslet absolutely deserved to be a double winner (she won both Lead actress and Supporting actress) because Kate is dope when it comes to this acting shizz. I'm also happy that the underdogs were big winners - Mickey Rourke and the Indian film Slumdog Millionaire. Oh and I don't like Don Cheadle with a baldy. I really hope that is just for a new role.

Anyway, I think what everybody really cares about is who wore what. Totally not doing a fashion review but I had some faves and then there were of course, those who were fugtastic. And just for fun, I'll start with them.

Renee stays on my fug list. I mean, ya'll do memba her at the Bee Movie premiere right? Well at least this time her face wasn't literally bee stung, but that messy bee hive she's rockin on top of her Morticia Adams frock is the worst. Oh Renee. Just why?

Marisa! Now I loves me some Marisa. I REALLY DO. She's one of my favorites and she's been my one of my favorites since she was Maggie on Different World (gotta love a white girl who can hold her own at an all black institution) and she was the best in two of my all time favorite movies - My Cousin Vinny and Untamed Heart. However, I cannot accept that she chose to show up to the Globes looking like she was auditioning for Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

I'm sure there are people who liked Maggie's blue cheetah look, but I didn't and I don't and I won't. And are those crocs she's wearin?

Laura Dern. First of all, Laura is one of the fugliest bitches in Hollywood. She can't even help it. It's just her face. However, while you can't see it in this pic, Laura had a black scrunchie holdin up the side ponytail situation she had goin on. And that dress...just no. Congrats on your win tho.

Taraji....I just can't say yes to the dress.

Now for the fabulous!

I'm sorry but of all the Golden Girls (aka old bitches) Sally Field was the fiercest of them all. For her age, she looks amazing! Maybe its because of that Boniva she takes? Anyway, I just loves me some Sally Field.

Yonce looked stunning. Seriously. That dress fit her curves ridiculously and her Lorraine Schwartz jewl-elz were magnificent. She was perfection.

Two time winner Kate looked great. And winning makes you hotter too.

Jenny from the block tried to shut it all down with her plunging back out gold stunner. Bitch just had twins. She's hot. That's all.

I think I have a new girlfriend. Freida Pinto, the beauty from Slumdog Millionaire is gorgeous. She looked so pretty in her dress and she's just pretty and I think I'm in love. Watch out for this one....she's about to be Hollywood's new it girl. I saw her first tho!

Eva wore red just like my Sally did and she wore it well. This dress made her look a lot taller than her 4 foot 11 stature and it fit her very nicely. Good work outta you Eva.

Angelina can kinda do no wrong in my book. I liked that she wasn't over the top wit it. Her dress was simple elegant but she was still makin it do wut it do. She's Angelina.

And for my belle of the ball...

My gorgeous love, Eva M. Tell me she does not look friggin beautiforous!!! Her skin with the white and the turquoise it, love it, love it! She's perfection. Luh u boo!


one little simitopian said...

Jlo! BITCH! I had my kid 17 months ago and I still look like a damn barfridge.*tear*
haha! This is a bit mean-spirited, but I'm going to say that I'm GLAD Laura Dern is that ugly, because she makes me feel better about myself :D I could be having a really bad day, like NOW- and I look at that photo, and I'm feeling slightly better.

F.U. said...

OLS....did you say you look like a barfridge??! HAHA! I bet you're stretchin it just a bit but um, you better get on that Jenny Craig program and stop messin around.

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