Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Record Deal, Schmecord Deal.

Just as I was bout to write some shit about how the buzz is that Solange done lost her record contract with Geffen and some extra bullshit about how Daddy Matthew sacrificed Kelly - hence her being dropped from Columbia - to some how keep Solo....I learn that Solo done Twittered, as she does more than a crack head hits da pipe, that she wasn't dropped. Actually, her words were:

"stooopiddd iddddiots" rumor control for the day:) I was NOT released from Geffen/Interscope... now back to your regular scheduled program:)
about 4 hours ago from web

I don't know about people being stooopiddd iddddiots. I mean, I know that lots of these rumors stem from some kind of truth BUT I was thinking that even tho Solo's album barely sold 100K, her album was dope and her artsy fartsy groove has been rather on point and I don't think she should be dropped. On the flip side, we all know how gorgeous and talented Kelly is and how she is relatively sabotaged each er'time she gets a chance....Solo actually got a release date that didn't have to get pushed back so her sister's album could come out, she's been getting all kind of show dates, and got to perform on high rated television events cuz her sister per usual, shit we all know, and I'm not sayin...just sayin.