Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Would You Quit Your Job...

To work in the White House? Before you answer that....would you quit your job (during the recession no less) if you had a vital role on a highly rated MUST WATCH television show? Well, Kutner, real name Kal Penn (you know him from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle) committed suicide (or did he?) last night on House!!!! And why? Cuz he was offered a job to work at the White House.

Now here is the thing. House is one of my favorite shows. Like, it is now my Monday must-see TV (used to not be on Mondays and now I can't watch How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory until later...but it's fine.) and I love me some Hugh Laurie aka House. Like if there was ever a mean ass old white man that I would wipe down and let do shit to me with that cane...oh indeed would it be House. And I wasn't really happy when the new interns came but once I got used to them, I started to enjoy them and their relationship with House and how they go about helping (or not) their patients. Kutner especially.

So last night, out of the fuckin blue Kutner is found (by Omar Epp's chacter and his white girl girlfriend...an intern) DEAD with a bullet to his head in his apartment. Talk about shocked and RumuthafuckinPauled! DA WUT?! I mean WHY??? SERIOUSLY??? I just kept waiting for House to wake up out of some Viocodin induced coma and it all be a dream. But it wasn't. No it wasn't. And I'm thinking, why would they kill him? What happened? WHO would want to leave this show?!!! Did he get in trouble?? WHAT?!!

(Please excuse my rambling. You have to understand that I watch TV like most don't. I know these people in my head, so losing Kutner and watching House struggle with it (or pretend not to) is very real to me.)

So I learn that Kal chose to leave the show and take a SERIOUS pay cut to work in the White House with President Barack Obama. And for this reason only, I understand and am no longer sad. If he left to do another fuckin Harold and Kumar movie or something I would have tracked him down and beat his ass with House's cane myself. I respect Kal more than ever and think it is beyond admirable that he would leave a lucrative career to work in politics and do something that he believes in.

If you watch House, let me know your thoughts. You can also mourn for Kutner if you want...yes FOX set up a site just to offer your condolences. Click: WHY Kutner??? WHY?????

If you don't, and there is a good chance that you don't and you actually read this, maybe now you should!!

Check out Kal's interview with my fave TV-Nista Michael Ausiello (I'm a HUGE Aushole) where he explains it all....Click: Bye Kal. Good luck! Tell Barack I said I love him!


n0days0ff said...

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Geoffrey said...

I heart Kal Penn

Miss P said...

now, i've only watched house a handful of times, but i love me some kal penn, and i ♥ him even more for this! to leave a well paying job to do something meaningful with the Obama admin, *swoon*

Anonymous said...

i heard about this. when i can catch house, i usually enjoy it.

have you heard of Frine and Dollhouse. I think you might enjoy Dollhouse, esp 3.

ps: i know i don't have the greatest track record so far with show recommendations but candy girls was only to see what u thought. I actually like the above two shows. but then again, i used to be a pre-med student (hence my lack of interest in med shows like house and grey's) and i am a huge conpsiracy theorist and slight einstein-ish type of science enthusiast. hence my fringe and dollhouse interest.

F.U. said...

Emeritus when I'm home on Friday nights, I have been checkin out Dollhouse and I'm diggin it. Haven't watched Fringe but that Joshua Jackson is HOT. Loved him since he was Pacey on Dawson's Creek.