Sunday, April 5, 2009

Team Bethenny!!!

So I finally got around to catching last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Now, I have to say that the NYC bitches are my least favorite of all the Housewives bitches....they are the fugliest, the most annoying, and the most pointless. Of all the fabulousity in NYC it just baffles me that these are the ones representin...then again, those that are fabulous prolly don't have time to be on nobody's reality show. Anyhooo, I still watch and if I had to choose a favorite it is definitely Bethenny. She is the only one one who doesn't take herself so seriously and she is actually smart, witty, and I appreciate her sarcasm.

On the flip side, while the other housewives get on my nerves(Ramona especially), this season Kelly is the new housewife, and I have to say, she is the most ignorant, superficial, mentally challenged, unaware, ridiculous, dumb bitch of all the housewives of all time. Seriously. I feel sorry for her children. And it was obvious that her own children don't like her from the episode that she made the daughters put on pink sweaters when it was summer, it was hot, and they were inside having a cooking lesson by Sam (the first ever Top Chef winner) that they didn't want to have.

Mkay. So this past episode was a follow-up from the previous episode in which there was a meeting of the housewives for a charity event being put on in honor of Jill's daughter who has arthritis. Kelly shows up to the meeting beyond late and only planned to stay a few minutes. When learning that Jill's daughter has arthritis Kelly says, "that's cute." When learning that their names would be on the event she proceeds to rant about how her name doesn't go anything because she doesn't even have time for her own charities. So one of the women in the meeting (not a housewife) siting next to Bethenny asks "who is she?" and Bethenny says, "I don't know. Madonna?" (Heehee)

So in this episode, Kelly invites Bethenny to have a drink with her because she is still upset that Bethenny had to call her names and "be rude" and blah blah. Bethenny actually shows up and of course is on time. Kelly shows up a half hour late, and when Bethenny says I've been waiting for you for a half hour, Kelly says, "Oh really that's too bad." And well, please watch the rest of this 'conversation' for yourself. YOU MUST. All I have to say is, Bethenny handled this confrontation amazingly. She kept her cool, remained poised, always had the perfect response, and allowed Kelly to continue to show the world that she lacks class and brain cells.


ToshaRenelle said...

She made Kelly look like a complete and total idiot! And then when Bethenny called her a calamity at the end...couldn't have been more fitting! UGH KELLY!

The F$%K it List said...

I think Kelly is so irrelevant. I mean they all pretty much are irrelevant except Bethenny! I was so happy when Bethenny just answered her without all the RA- RA that comes with that show.

On another note the Countess is no more. She and her husband are officially separated and on the way to DIVORCE.

Geoffrey said...

I love RHNY. And I am a longtime fan of Bethenny. I even like Alex aka Mrs Bottomteeth (Family Guy reference).

I really fell in love with Beth with she went to go visit Alex and was like "Oy vey this is a hot ghetto mess", but said it in her head and NOT out loud. But she dove right in and started playing with the kids.

Ramona needs a good old fashioned UFC CHallenge(another fave show) beatdown AND a pair of Spanx.

Jill is Joy Behar. I'm convinced.

Montanna Mitchem said...

I must agree-- Kelly isnt even relevant to me! I sooo LUV the way Bethany handles her swagger.. Gotta LUV that gurl..

Simone Craig said...

I am soooooo on Team Bethenny's team! I kinda liked Kelly until this confrontation. She made a total ass outta herself. She wouldn't let it go. Then she had to tell Bethenny she was going on a date and then continued to talk about it on her date.

Could it beeee that Bethenny is showing Kelly she's full of it? Guess it's a hard pill to swallow.