Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ANTM: And The Winner Is....

Teyona!!! However many weeks ago, when the new America's Next Top Model season premiered, I let you all know that I had no intention of watching...but I had to and I'm glad I did. This was best season in a long time. There were personalities worth despising and liking quite a bit. While the drama was a tad corny (nothing will ever top Eva, YaYa and Eva's best friend in the house that was jealous of her but I can't memba her name or the hot tub sex with Shandie) each of the girls actually had real model potential. The best part, is that my early faves made it to the top three: Aminat, Teyona, and Allison.

Aminat is gorgeous. Of the three girls, you look at her and you think she has no competition, she should have this in the bag. She has er'thing required to be a model but she needs work. Her face looks the same in er'last picture. If Tyra don't teach you nothin, she teach you how to hit the fierce faces. When Aminat learns how to "smile with her eyes" she is going to be off the chain. I'm not worried bout her.

Allison gets the award for most improved. She was the big eyed weirdo shy chic who figured out how to make all that work for her. She definitely has a future in modeling. I actually grew to like her alot. I'm happy for her.

As for the winner, Teyona...I still see her and see a regula schemgula chic you see er'day on the street. She doesn't look like anything special...until she gets in hair and make-up and gets in front of that camera. Teyona knows how to take a damn good pic. She deserved this win.

I'm just soooo happy that Celia didn't make it to the top three. That bitch is not cute and she looks like she is 35, not 25. However, she does know how to put an outfit together...I mean when your face don't work you gotta figure something out, you know?

Lastly, I just want to point out that in the final judging panel, Tyra's baby hair was beyond poppin. Why must the baby hair be that serious, Tyra?

This is prolly for real, for real, my last time watchin ANTM. I believe the next season is for pretty midgets. No thanks. It's been fun tho....