Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: 16 Make It Do Wut It Do!

When Toni Basil said she was gettin the Legend of Hip-Hop award (wearin that hat)....I had to google her. *Side eye moves back center...slowly*

More importantly, it's time for the top 8 couples to get it crackin. Let's get it!

Karla and Jonathan: Hip-Hop

Ummmm, Hated It! That was horrible. Hip-Hop ain't for er'body. Jonathan had no bizness. The only reason it wasn't a total catastrophe was because they actually did the steps. This had nothing to do with Dave Scott (like how it had a lot to do with Shane Sparks) - I like his choreography - this was all them not being able to do da damn dance. Sucked Ass!

Side note...Nigel, no need to take bets boo. Unless every other couple is da worst ever, they will be in the bottom three. And KARLA...when Cat was telling us all to vote for you and said call 888-blah blah 01 - as in 01 for the first couple to perform - why were you holding up the number 2??? People damn sure ain't gonna vote for your ass don't even know that you were the first couple to perform and Cat is literally saying the number to call. Damn girl, not only can't you do Hip-Hop but you might be an idiot too. Not a good night for you chic.

Asuka and Vitolio: Jazz
I clapped! LOVED IT!!!! That was a hot routine. You can tell they worked hard for that. The rock/jazz element of it all was really dope. Watching them in rehearsals, I thought it was gonna be some crazy ridiculous choreography and it wasn't even that serious. They did what they had to do. No they weren't completely in sync the whole time but the character and the connection they had during the dance was hot enuff for me.

Side note....I'm officially in love with Vitolio.

Melissa and Ade: Rumba
These two are out of control!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That rumba was sexy as all hell! Tony created a sexy ass piece. Both of their bodies are off the chain, the way they slided and glided and fed off of each other was just delicious. Smashed it.

Side note....Ade's booty in those pants....Me likey Ade. Me like uh-lot. I see you boo. It's official....Ade and Melissa are my favorite couple.

Janette and Brandon: Hip-Hop
How cool was that?! A battle of rock and hip-hop! I love how Dave combined those elements. Janette was hot and doin her thing BUT BRANDON is reeeediculous! Brandon killed that. He looked so cute and believable but even more importantly, he was poppin and lockin like da rent was due. You betta work Brandon!

Side note...Shane Sparks take notes honey.

Kayla and Kupono: Viennese Waltz
I actually believed that that was a dreamy dance. It was nice and elegant. I wasn't wowed but it was really, really good. I will say that I enjoy Kayla and Kupono as a couple. They worked it out.

Side note...Kayla may be gorgeous to watch dance (as the judges seem to say all the time) but she ain't nobody's model. She might be able to model dance clothes while leaping in the air or doin some dance spin but um, seriously, her face. No.

Randi and Evan: Contemporary
Mia Michaels makes me wish I could dance. Like how Mia dances. I wanna go in her mind and see how she comes up with these routines. I love that this dance was all about Randi's booty and pretty much nothing else. Even more so, I think Evan and Randi did a great job makin this choreography look simple and booty-licious. This piece was performed very well but I almost feel like when you have Mia, what else can you expect?

Side note...if I can say one more thing about Mia, Toni Basil ain't neva lie when she said if I was on this show I would be prayin I would pull Mia Michaels' name out of the hat. Love her.

Caitlin and Jason: Pasa Doble
Mkay, YES!!!!!! Get off me! Finally a dance about tellin your partner to put that where! That was a performance, a true performance. The choreography was amazing and Caitlin and Jason executed perfectly. They worked for that and it was obvious. That last move where he threw her off him and rolled her on the ground....YES!!!! Good work outta you!!!

Side note...Jean-Marc and France seem like they are so the fun married couple to hang out with, right? Like you go to their house for dinner and wine and end up Pasa Doble'in in da living room with Jean-Marc and France rippin your skirt off cuz it's not the right one for the routine. I like them!

Jeanine and Phillip: Broadway
Fun! What a great way to end the show. That was a great Broadway routine. Phillip is so fun to watch. I enjoyed that! Jeanine was really cute too. They were in character and they were in sync and it worked. Good job!

Side note...Yay for Phillip's couch jump!

So listen, with only eight couples left and pretty much everyone being fantastic, it's hard to tell who is going to be in the bottom. All I know is, Karla and Jonathan better be dancin for their lives. That's all.

We'll see tomorrow....