Thursday, June 11, 2009

SYTYCD: Your Top 20 Hits The Stage For Round One!

Let me start by sayin I fuckin hated Cat Deeley's dress. Da hell was that rhinestone table cloth, fish gill, fuckity shit?!

Next let me say that's website fuckin sucks. WHY is it takin so damn long to put up the recap from last night along with new pictures of the dancers????!!! My recap would be so much betta if people could actually know who the fluff I'm talkin about. Do they not have people they pay for the specific purpose of immediately updating the website after the show??! Daayum.

Now....onto the dancing. Squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanine and Phillip: Hip-Hop
Dope!!!! Very cute!!! That choreography was perfect for that song (Ne-Yo's "Mad")and what else is to be expected from fly choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha....the dance was about a couple who can't sleep before they resolve the anger with each other. Jeanine held her own but Phillip....he's off the chain. He is amazing. He tore that shit up! I'm definitely checkin for Phil. We'll see about Jeanine....

Asuka and Vitolio: Broadway
Cute choreography. Wasn't blown away, but I thought they proved that they have talent. They just didn't bring it on a spectacular level the way they should have. I hope they stay around though. Especially Vitolio...he's a cutie.

Karla and Jonathan: Cha-Cha
Pretty hot. Great choreography. Not off the chain, but me likey. I think there were some HOT moves that went down with that Cha-Cha...Jonathan's split slide under thru her legs for example, but overall I wasn't jumpin out my seat....just happily waitin to see what they do next.

Randi and Evan: Jazz
Awwwwww that was precious. I really liked their routine. Jazzy. Evan is short as all hell! Like midgetesque for real, for real. But just like Adam said, they danced amazingly tall. The one thing Adam said that I don't agree when he with is when he said that nobody saw Evan, I did. I loved him and his brother from the moment they auditioned and like I said in my previous SYTYCD post, I wanted both brothers to make it cuz they both deserved it but Evan had the hair so....Anyway, as for Randi, she did good but I'm not really checkin for her. She's gonna have to leap into the sky or something. I can think of about three other girls they cut that are doper than Randi. We'll see how she do...

Paris and Tony: Hip-Hop
First of all, Paris is dancin without feelin from the knee down in her left leg. Secondly, Tony is adorable. Adam, I'm sorry honey, but Tony is going to get by being the cute guy on the least for a while. Lastly, I don't care that they weren't givin the stank face, I think they gave good dance. Was it HOT? Nope, but Tony ain't goin nowhere. Let us all memba that this is really the contest for America's FAVORITE dancer...not necessarily the best dancer...(Danny anyone?)

Caitlin and Jason: Bollywood
Jai muthafuckin Ho!!!!!!! AMAZING! They killed that. Bollywood is hard as all hell and they tore that shit up! I am amazed! They looked so good (Jason is a cutie too) and you can tell they were having fun. Like they could have looked like they were concentratin tryna get all the steps right but they looked like they do that all the time. AND Caitlin had hip replacement surgery and was supposed to neva dance again. LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!

Janette and Brandon: Fox Trot
Brandon has impressed me from day one - his body and his skill are just ree-damn-diculous(I don't know why Mia and Lil C be hatin) and Janette is prolly the best Salsa dancer to ever come on the show. But even with all that, I was like oh daaayum, why they had to get the Fox Trot??? But these two were beautiful!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed that dance. They were pretty and elegant and perfect. LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And I LOVES me some Brandon!!!!)

Ashley and Kupono: Jazz
One of the best concepts in regards to choreography for the whole night. Er'body is gonna memba the two crash test dummies dancin. Sick costumes, they hit their marks, and they really looked like dummies! They were DOPE! And um, Wade proves again just how insane he is in the best way possible. LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa and Ade: Contemporary
GORGEOUS!! That was AMAZING! Those moves were so sick....and they hit those marks in sync wonderfully. Both Melissa and Ade were perfect. That split lift where Ade held Melissa in back and in front of his head for like 5 seconds....I literally sat watching the rest of the routine with my mouth open. I am rooting for both of them. REALLY LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayla and Max: Samba
Mkay, why wasn't I as impressed with this routine as the judges were. I mean talk about overkill for no reason. It was good, but I thought it was just good. As Nigel mentioned...Dimitri and Pacha were the dopest ballroom dancers ever on this show and Max isn't coming close. Kayla did fantastic for never having done ballroom of any kind before but still.... I'll say it was a nice close of the show.

Overall, this was a great first show to start off the season. My favorites of the night were Caitlin and Jason, Melissa and Ade, and Janette and Brandon. I think Asuka and Vitolio are in trouble....

Did you watch? Thoughts?

UPDATE: I just need to say that I'm not surprised at all with the bottom three couples....Asuka and Vitolio, Paris and Tony, and Karla and Jonathan. And seriously, I thought Vitolio killed his solo....and his body is bangin. And those eyes....I'm kinda in love with Vitolio.

Paris didn't dance for her life and the fact that she has no feeling from her knee down isn't gonna cut it when you dancin for your life. She got lucky to get on the show and she did a good job with the time she had.

Tony is gone. My adorable Tony is gone. And he deserves to go home. He didn't dance for a Big Mac let alone his life. I was very disappointed with his solo. He isn't ready for this show but we'll see him again somewhere.

Until next week SYTYCDers!!!!!