Thursday, July 9, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: ADE BETTA WORK!!!

So seriously, how Ade and Melissa ended up dancin for their lives is truly beyond me. I mean are you friggin kidding me. How in da hell did the dancin Oompa Loompas Randi and Evan (and I say that with love) get a pass over Ade and Melissa?! Their Disco number was better than both of Evan and Randi's dances. But I guess that doesn't matter cuz there was no way in hell Ade or Melissa were going home....especially after Ade DANCED FOR HIS LIFE!!!! His solo was the best dance for your life EVER on SYTYCD. So you can put that where Tyce Diorio!

So we lose Phillip and Caitlin, which wasn't surprising. I think it is great that they still get to go on tour. Phillip is definitely a favorite and people will pay to see him do some out of control poppin n' lockin and crazy I'm happy for him. I'm also really happy for Caitlin and her metal hip. But...

I'm ready for Brandon to just win this already.