Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Does Zahara's Mama Need To Be Slapped?

For a minute, I was thinking just cuz Chris Rock's 'Good Hair' (a must see) is out, people wanna be goin in on Angie and how she isn't doing what she needs to do to take care of my Baby Z's hair. My girl Dia sent me this Newsweek blog post entitled "Zahara Jolie-Pitt and the Politics of Uncombed Hair" where blogger Allison Samuels goes in on the fact that interracial adoption can get ugly...especially when you get a Black little girl and you don't do her hair. Then I remembered when I wrote an open post to Baby Z asking why won't her mama do her hair and I was ready to track her down and tomb raider her ass if she didn't slap some Carol's Daughter in her mane wit da quickness. I thought it worked cuz I haven't seen Baby Z with her hair all over head like that in a long minute.

But, I guess with recent sightings of Baby Z and with the discussion of Black women and their hair on full blast these days, it was inevitable that there would be 'attacks' made against white women who adopt/raise Black children and don't have the slightest clue where to begin in the hair care department. Allison brings up good points in that Angelina needs to be aware of and begin teaching Z that her hair, Black hair, requires maintenance and if she needs help, she could take a cue from Madonna and keep Z's hair braided or styled nicely.

(As you can see, Baby Mercy is rockin the official little Black girl cornrows and beads)

I mean, I don't think Angie is clueless and from what I can tell, recently it looks like Baby Z's hair is at least oiled and brushed. It may not be styled but I don't think it looks ratty, matted, or like a total hot mess. And if you notice...she don't even feel like doin Shiloh's hair and threw a hat on that head. I also bet that Baby Z's hair prolly starts out decent lookin and then by the time she finishes flying from country to country, gettin ice cream in Istanbul and then going back to France for french fries, and the paparazzi gets their pictures in, it's done. Just as most little Black girls hair would be.

I dunno. What do you think? Is Angie just wrong and strong with her lack of hair care? Or are people using this Good Hair opportunity to go in on Angie for no reason?


Dee said...

" cream in Istanbul." LOLOL.

Yeah, my prob with the Newsweek article was its harsh tone. I do hear the author, particularly about our lack, for the most part, of the ability to do the "wash-n-go" thing. Looking at what Madonna is doing with her kid makes Angie look a bit clueless. But for one, the pic of Z in the article does not show a ratty-looking child. She just got a cute baby 'fro, and it looks healthy, curly and fly. Two, who in the hell oils and brushes their hair err day? Probably not most...maybe them hard-up chicks on those "long hair forum"- type blogs...but I doubt the tired parent of a lil kid who's gone mess up their hair in about 2 minutes. Angie is learning; she doesn't carry the baggage black folk have about hair (as clearly depicted in this article) so it's gonna take her some time.

It's very odd, all the hair talk lately. Rock's movie sucked, by the way.

Anonymous said...

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Chanel said...

look at angies hair in that first picture. not a hair out of place. but she cant hook a sista up with some plaits or something. dang.

Anonymous said...


Miss P said...

fu, i agreed with you in that open letter and wanted to help you hunt her down. as much money as angie makes, if she cant be bothered to learn how to do z's hair herself, she can get it styled weekly. nope, i do not like it at. every time we see baby z her hair doesnt seem like angie combs it. please put some pigtails or braids in that baby's hair ASAP! Z is school age now, right? i hope angie doesnt send her to school like that

Emeritus said...

her hair REALLY shouldn't be looking like that cuz baby z is ethiopian and their hair actually has a looser texture and curl pattern. it's not that hard angie. shampoo, condish, and while wet, throw some miss jessie on that mane. or just let the dominicans handle it for you. dayum!