Thursday, October 15, 2009

Miss Hampton University 2009...Is Not Black

Hmmmmmmmm. So I'm listenin to D.L. Hughley's HORRIBLE morning show on the radio this mornin (er'other show was on commercial) and they were talking about the Miss Hampton University controversy. And I came in on the part where D.L. is saying have you seen the picture of the winner and the other contestants? Of course she won! I don't even know how you get in a beauty contest when you look like Plaxico Burress. If I may, I'd just like to say that D.L. Hughley is the most non-funny, ignorant negroid and his show fuckin sucks.

Anyhoooo.....Seems this years newly crowned Miss Hampton University is not only not Black (she is from Hawaii and her mother is Italian and her father is from Guam) but she is also not a student on the main campus. She's a student at the Virginia Beach satellite campus. So of course, there are many students and community members who are not happy. Many are saying that if the judging system remained the way it has always been - where the students vote - she would not have won. This year, the winner was chosen by a judges panel which was comprised of two certified Miss Virginia judges, the president of Old Point National Bank, and two HU employees (a professor and freshman counselor).

Then Miss Hampton, whose name is Nikole Churchill, wrote a letter to our President, Barack Obama, and said: "I am hoping that perhaps you would be able to make an appearance to my campus, Hampton University, so that my fellow Hamptonians can stop focusing so much on the color of my skin and doubting my abilities to represent," she wrote, "but rather be proud of the changes our nation is making toward accepting diversity."

Her letter was posted on and she did not have permission from HU to comment about the school, the students or try to contact the President directly. She is now apologizing for writing the letter and says, "I have now come to regret writing this letter and disappointing the very students that I now represent. I took the comments of a few and blew it out of proportion." Ummmmm, ya think? Seriously boo boo, just cuz you and Barack are both from Hawaii, did you really think he was gonna come to HU and tell the students to support you? Yeah about that....I think he's busy.

Anyway, as a graduate of the most fabulous HBCU there is, I have to say, while I wouldn't be pumped that a non-Black student won, if she was the best candidate in er'category and deserved it, then can you really be mad? I also believe that students should continue to be the judges in such competitions because the students should have a say in who represents them, but then it's like So You Think You Can Dance (which I've totally not watched at all this season) where the favorite dancer wins, not the BEST dancer.

So what do you think? Especially those of you that are proud HBCU alum or current students...should this even be in the news? Would you care if your Miss wasn't Black?



Anonymous said...

The two chicks on the right have the serious sour puss face! HAHAHAHA! They should start the competition all over!

Simone Craig said...

I went to Hampton. While I think this whole thing is a mess, and I also would have liked to see a black woman win because it is an 'HBCU' and the chick doesn't even go to class on the main campus, at the end of the day, if she outshined the other ladies and won fair and square ... what to do?
Also, not to slight this competition, it has it's importance and it's place in the world, but I'm not tripping off of Miss Hampton. I have health insurance to pay for and a life to live! And boo ... Barack's not fuking with you, mkay?? Like F.U. said ... he's busy boo. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I personally think the winner should be black being that it is a HBCU. And honestly believe that if the students had voted she wouldn't have won. They need to return to the prior voting method.

and the contestant in the white dress looks like she is saying mmm hmm this bitch won and thats fucked up LMAO


Anonymous said...

all i know is that home gurl bettah run after pictures are over cuz those other girls are NOT HAPPY.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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