Monday, October 26, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: The Season of All Seasons?!

I think So You Think You Can Dance is under new management. Besides the fact that they were allowed (and yes, I said allowed cuz you know the judges aren't the only people choosing who gets to be on national TV and talent don't have shiz to do with it) there are six black people, three tap dancers, and a krumper.....they decided to start the competition off with a night without competition. Tonite was a night for the dancers to just dance, in their own style, and allow us all just to get them know them. And I know I say this all the time, with the exception of last season, the talent of this entire Top 20 is insane!!!!! Whoever had the bright idea of dance night just to dance deserves a gold star.

The show started with a fabulous group number choreographed by Wade Robson. It was a jazz piece, smokey cafe, battle of the 'gangs'....and they tore it up! First of all, Wade is just a badass. Secondly, great costumes. Lastly, the fact that they danced their asses off was obvious, but more importantly you could tell that each and every one of them was living their dream in that moment. I don't think I've ever noticed that or felt that from a SYTYCD collective before. I knew right after that performance that this season really wasn't going to be like any other season before it. Loved it.

Next the Hip-Hop dudes, Russell, Kevin and Legacy B-boyed it up with a routine by Tab and Nap and of course, it was off the hook. Their hip-hop skills are serious and they are seriously about da bizness of breakin-it-down. Tab and Nap seem to be able to make anybody look doper than they are, but you could tell that they all just got it and they were already fly as they needed to be. They look like they perform shiz like that for lunch. If I have to say one not so nice thing, I'm gonna say I wish they were cuter and I think Russell would look better without his locs. Loved it.

Nathan, Channing, Jakob and Ariana is group #1 of the Contemporary dancers. Tyce Diorio put together a lovely piece. Not mind blowing but lovely. I think all of the dancers were great but Nathan is my fave! First of all, I want to eat him up! He is too cute! Just adorable. While I don't think he is better than Brandon from last season, he is damn near as amazing and he has that awww shucks personality that a mean bitch like me has no understanding of but likes. Overall, nice piece, great technique displayed by all and I'm looking forward to seeing what Ariana does this season.

Bianca, Peter, Phillip are my tappers!!! You guys have no idea how excited I am that there are tappers. I took tap lessons when I was just a lil stankin ass and of all the dance classes that I took, I liked tap the best but found it to be the most challenging. Tappin ain't easy bitches! And then of course, I was in love with Savion Glover after I saw him in movie 'Tap' and when he was on Seasame Street. I would just be so amazed that this little kid could make music with his feet, even better than the adults. LOVED HIM!!! But I digress, I'm really happy that SYTYCD decided it was time to show America other forms of dance and they picked three really great tappers to do so. They also had to bring in a new choreographer. His name is Derick K. Grant and I like him. I like him uh-lot! I thought his piece was fun and taptastical(get used to that term for as long as they last on this season ya'll)!! I know that I'm going to be rootin for Bianca because she's talented and I love her personality BUT Peter is my favorite of three. I think his form, his style of entertaining, and his skill is just a bit better. Love it!

Jazzers!!! Mollee, Pauline, and Ellenore do jazz. Sonya created a cute routine for these cute lil girls. The jazz number was great, not spectacular, but I enjoyed it. I think Ellenore is hot and I thought she overshadowed the other two. I'm interested to see how these three will do but right now, my money is Ellenore.

Contemporary group #2, Noelle, Kathryn, Billy, and Victor provided us with another contemporary piece choreographed by Mandy Moore and it was great! I think the first contemporary number showcased more of the body lines, flexibility and higher level of difficulty but this number was more entertaining and more cohesive. I like Mandy as a choreographer. Of the group, I like Billy but would somebody get that boy some Proactiv? Work on those zits Billy!

Karen, Ryan and Ashleigh are the ballroom dancers. Ashleigh and Ryan are married! I don't know what that's gonna be like but I like it!! They did a sex-ay Samba routine with Ryan having to be the lead for both women. All three were fun to watch and worked it out. I will say, however, that Karen and Ryan were both better than Ashleigh. Ashleigh only made it because another dancer dropped out...and I see why. She's good but she's not the greatest. Karen is clearly in her element while Ryan was givin it. Loved it!

This season has started off sumtin serious! These dancers are fabulous!!! It's kind of like Adam Shankman said, where do you go from here? How do you get better? I think the choreographers are gonna have to stay on top of their games more than ever to make sure that they give these dancer the level of dopeness that they need to show us how amazing they are. I'm officially pumped.


always4evamoi said...

thank you for that report....this year should definitely be interesting!!

F.U. said...

You are very welcome always4evamoi! Loves that you are a SYTYCDer!!!! Yes, this season will be most interesting!