Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's Really Good Chicago?! I Mean, Daayum!

Soooooo, we all know that not too long a young boy was brutally beaten and killed by his peers in Chicago (unfortunately not an isolated incident and more like a regular occurrence), Chicago lost the Olympics (A+ for Effort tho), and now Chicago is being put on blast for being racist! What da hell is goin Chi-Town?

So students from Washington University in St. Louis, MO were on a two day senior trip to Chicago (shoulda went to Jamaica like we all do) and their last hurrah was a party at a bar called Original Mother's. Problem is, when they got to the party, all 200 of the white kids were let in, and the six black kids were told they were not dressed appropriately and denied entry. (Seriously?!!!!)

One of the white kids on the student board, which also includes two of the black kids who were told they couldn't come in, went and told the black kids to go back to the hotel and change their clothes. "But the manager of the bar stepped in to say that he had made his decision and that the six men could not return to the bar even if they changed clothes." (Da fuck?!!!!) The white kid said that the black kids were dressed better than he was, not to mention, there were many white kids who had gotten in that were wearing jeans.

"The students became "more agitated" and "set up an experiment," Cutz said. Class treasurer Regis Murayi, who is black, exchanged jeans with a white student, Jordan Roberts, who -- being 3 inches shorter than Murayi -- looked "substantially baggy." Roberts approached the same manager who had turned away the African-American students, paid the entry fee and was allowed in, Cutz said."

Isn't that some bullshit?! I just can't believe it's 2009 and this ignid silly shiz is still happening. When are people going to just let it go?? The great thing is that these students aren't just going to ignore this and try to forget it. They are taking legal action and contacted the Anti-Defamation League and the Chicago Urban League.

"Washington University Chancellor Mark Wrighton sent a letter to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to express his "most intense disappointment" about the incident. In the letter -- a copy of which was provided to CNN by Cutz -- Wrighton told the mayor that he "can only imagine the humiliation and discouragement these six young students felt ... when they were turned away from this establishment because of their race."


Let my people go....



iluv... said...

This is not surprising. Racisms goes on everyday. I use to live in Chicago but I am not familar with the club. It is evident that certain parts of Chicago are off limits to minorities or you will either be harassed by the police or attacked. The neighborhood Mayor Daley lives in, Bridgeport, is racist and for years blacks especially men were not able to be caught over there after dark or they would be attacked.

In regards to the violence, outside of pure ignorance, the violence in CHicago increased dramatically when Mayor Daley decided to demolish all the CHA projects. At one point all the major violence was contained to the projects but when they were torned down, the people were sent to different neighborhoods with rival gangs (increased in violence) or to better neighborhoods (inceased robberies).

Did u notice the black girl in the pic of the white student standing in the bar? I'm sure they are going to use that as proof to prove that they are not racist.

F.U. said...

I didn't notice the black girl in the picture iluv!!! Good eyes girl! In my total disgust and shock, I missed that. And you are right, they are probably going to enlarge that picture, point her out, and say done and done.

I just came from Chicago a few months ago visiting one of my bestest friends (Luh u, Shortie!!!) and I don't think I paid any attention to how segregated everything is. And after this story I was telling her that whether or not they wanted them there is not the issue, the fact that they didn't let them in is a major friggin problem.

No matter where you are, the racist are smiling in your face, but you are still allowed in establishments and have the right to do as you please. They may be wishin these black people would leave, but they won't ever say it.

So what's worse?

BabyBrown said...

Honey Gurrrrl!!! It is real out here in the Midwest... I'm not originally from here - but most Midwesterners say they are liberal, but they don't live it...

Miss P said...

i dont know what's wrong with my damn city. racism is alive and poopin there. so is sexism. but most people are so used to it they've become desensitized (ya'll know what i mean). when that poor boy got beat to death outside his school, i got into a heated debate with someone else from chicago cuz he said that boy knew where to walk and where not to. wtf? yeah, all chicagoans know that (unfortunately) if you go to certain areas at certain times you probably wont come back unmolested or even alive. but when a boy cant even walk outside his school, i call that bullshit. one of the many reasons the hubby refuses to move back home to chicago. truth be told, it scares me how bad the city has gotten and i dont really wanna go back my damn self