Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Just In: A Housewife Loses Her Boo

I literally JUST got finish watchin Thursdays episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta that I missed, wishin I could do more than shift Kim's tardy ass wig and stomp her in her tardy ass face and back slap Kandi for giving Kim the ability to make it seem like she actually did something other than sound like she has to sing through a hole in her neck - when I read that AJ, Kandi's ex-boo is dead. Yes, dead. He was beaten to death in the parking lot of the strip join the Body Tap Club.

It seems AJ worked at the club but nobody really knows what happened yet, however, there has been an arrest made. "Homicide detectives arrested the suspect, Fredrick Richardson, who has been charged with voluntary manslaughter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports."

Ain't this just about some shizz?!! Kandi was just about on my last nerve and now I can't even watch and be mad at her anymore cuz her boo is dead. Just dead. Beat to death in the parking lot of a strip club. All you can do is shake your damn head.




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n0days0ff said...

poor kandi. i heard about that and i was kinda shocked cause i had just watched them the night before

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